What are Healthcare BPO Services, and how are they important for a medical facility?

What are Healthcare BPO Services, and how are they important for a medical facility?

Consider if you are a physician running a clinic with some patients to deal with daily. Your primary concern would be to devote proper time to each of them coming, addressing their health condition, and resolving their problems. But you will agree that it is not everything about the medical facility. Other activities include processing patients’ data, taking phone calls, scheduling appointments, and more. Yes, you can regard them as support activities, and taking care of them is as essential for a clinic’s success as dealing with patients. Knowing this, a physician might keep staff to carry out each of these activities. Or he might outsource it to the company that specializes in them. If he decides to go with the latter, he needs to find a healthcare BPO services provider or a medical call center. So, you can now tell what healthcare BPO services are all about. Let’s further expand our understanding of the same in the next paragraph.

What are Healthcare BPO Services and their importance 

A healthcare BPO will take care of the clinic’s support activities. Here’s how it adds value:


This is an important reason for a clinic to opt for a healthcare BPO. How is it affordable, or maybe why is it affordable? Simply because they can afford to be affordable. Such healthcare BPOs most commonly operate in other countries where the labor is cheap or don’t have to pay a massive part of their revenue as taxes. Let’s say a clinic operating in the US needs someone to process patients’ information into its system. It could hire a data entry expert onsite to carry out these tasks. Of course, he will charge dollars for his time. Or it may outsource this activity to a healthcare call center operating in the Philippines at half the periodical cost. You agree that the second option would be a more rational decision.


A new clinic may need help controlling costs and hiring experts to carry out support activities. But they still need an expert hand in dealing with these support activities like processing patients’ information, scheduling appointments, and more. This is also necessary to keep up with the already established clinics and is essential for proper patient support. Hence outsourcing it to the healthcare BPO services provider or BPO healthcare is the most feasible option. By outsourcing, a clinic gets experts of high caliber to take care of an important support activity on the low.


By outsourcing your clinic’s support activities to a healthcare BPO, you will have professionals taking care of them for you efficiently. Suppose you are a physician running a clinic and looking for a receptionist who can take patient calls all day. Your current receptionist can only work office hours, and you receive too many calls after clinic time. Again, you have two options: hire a receptionist who will be working after the clinic time, or instead look for a call center providing answering services. Now hiring an onsite receptionist for night duty has some limitations. Like she could be inexperienced, may not be punctual, or you couldn’t ascertain the quality of her work, which leaves you with the second option of hiring a call center for answering services. By doing so, you’ll have an expert agent available by phone to take care of those patient calls. Plus, you don’t have to invest time and money into training that agent as he’s already equipped with everything, including the latest technology. So, a healthcare answering service is a better option to consider.

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The most common functions a hospital or medical facilities outsource to the healthcare BPO 

Medical billing 

You may already know what medical billing means. If not, know that it is submitting healthcare claims to insurance companies for reimbursement. Expert healthcare BPOs these days are providing impeccable medical-billing services. They do so by adhering to the rules set out for addressing billing and coding issues.

Data Entry 

Data collection and data entry are among the most commonly accepted BPO contracts of recent times. They also let the healthcare facility focus on patients’ health while they take care of inputting prescriptions, patient records, and more into the system. It is easy to talk about it, but it isn’t easy sometimes to get over it. Yes, we are not talking about one or two patients but thousands of them. Thus, it is no surprise that your receptionist or anyone at the office may miss the recording of crucial details. But not the experts of a BPO (business process outsourcing) who have specialized agents to take care of them effectively and efficiently.

Medical Transcription 

Transcribing their notes requires a lot of time and effort from healthcare professionals. It becomes a real problem when they have a long list of patient appointments. So, the best option they have is to outsource all this paperwork to a healthcare BPO.

Patient relationship or patient management

A healthcare BPO, while providing patient management services, has some instructions from the medical facility regarding keeping the patients satisfied. The primary objective here is to focus on the doctor-patient relationship. 

Human Resources

A healthcare facility or clinic will mostly delegate its HR function to the BPO that specializes in the same. The BPO will care for finding the best talent, onboarding, setting compensation, and more. It is undoubtedly a daunting task to find a suitable candidate, invite him for an interview, and then convince him to take responsibility for the job. Suppose you need to hire a receptionist for your clinic. You have to advertise the job, shortlist a few candidates, invite them for an interview, and then finalize one. Not an easy job for a physician when he also has patients to deal with. So the most feasible option he has is to outsource it to a human resources company that will take care of each step till finding you a suitable candidate fills the vacancy. 

Employee training 

A medical facility may also hire a healthcare BPO services provider to train its employees. A medical center will want employees to be more efficient and productive in achieving the healthcare facility’s goals.

IT Functions 

Just as other businesses do these days, a medical facility will also outsource its IT functions to such an expert services provider. Such healthcare facilities need someone to take care of their electronic database, electronic billing system, and more.

Improving our understanding of the Healthcare answering service 

Do you know that Healthcare call centers are sometimes called healthcare answering service providers? It means that understanding the same is essential as well. So, let’s begin understanding it in the next paragraph.

Understanding healthcare answering service

Answering service facilities clinic’s patients with quick telephony treatments, appointment scheduling, and more. Patients don’t have to visit a medical facility for routine health-related issues. All they need is to dial the clinic number, and a professional agent answering service will take it from there.

An agent from a healthcare answering service provider offers answers about medical issues. They may range from common conditions to rare ones. They also offer information on treatment options so the caller knows the next course of action in case something gets wrong with the quick treatment. They can be used to answer questions about health insurance, scheduling appointments and treatment, billing questions, and insurance verification.

In short, healthcare answering services are essential to any healthcare facility. They provide administrative and clinical support to healthcare facilities by answering calls from patients, doctors, and nurses. Most commonly, they are involved in providing:

  • Answering service
  • Call routing and screening for incoming calls
  • Transferring calls between departments or handling multiple calls on one line

The need for a healthcare answering service 

A medical answering center ensures excellent customer service by taking over tasks such as scheduling appointments and billing insurance companies. This way, a medical facility can focus solely on the patient’s care. Answering services also give a physician access to medical transcriptionists specializing in helping doctors with their paperwork needs.

The advantages of healthcare answering service 

Hiring a healthcare answering service frees up time for doctors, nurses, and other staff members who need it the most! Secondly, a call center accepting this responsibility has access to the latest technology, which allows quick and efficient responses. Just imagine how good a patient will feel when an expert addresses his health concern within a second as he calls.

Answering services can provide a number of benefits for health plans, including helping the provider manage costs and providing better customer service.

Cost Effective 

When you have to hire someone to answer calls from patients, you’ll pay them hourly wages. On the other hand, if you outsource this work to an answering service, they’ll typically charge by the minute—which is much cheaper than hiring someone full-time on your payroll. This means that if someone calls in regularly, but doesn’t require immediate attention (or even if he does), then it’s likely more cost-efficient for your organization.

How do you know that a particular BPO is a good option for outsourcing some healthcare tasks?

There’s no hard and fast rule to decide whether a particular BPO could manage your tasks effectively. But you can look into some factors that will surely make it easy for you to decide. Speaking of which, jump straight to reading the next paragraph, as we are listing them for you below.

Ensure that the Healthcare BPO is HIPAA Compliant 

A healthcare BPO must comply with the rules and regulations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Adhering to the HIPAA act will ensure the privacy and protection of patients’ data.

English Language Proficiency 

This is very important when you are looking to hire a healthcare BPO operating in other countries. Hence staff working there must have good English speaking and understanding skills. Otherwise, it may backfire for the medical facility to hire them. 

Proven Track Record 

Reading reviews from past clients is the best way to ascertain the track record of a healthcare BPO services provider. Even better if you could find them on a credible platform such as Trustpilot or others.

Take Away

At the end of the day, healthcare answering services are a great way to make a physician’s life easy. With so many different elements and aspects involved in healthcare, it can be hard to keep track of everything on your own. By outsourcing some of these tasks through a healthcare BPO services provider, you’ll be able to use your resources on your core which is taking care of the patient.

Furthermore, if you feel like we have missed including something here, please feel free to let us know via the comment box below.

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