What does a call center do, and what are important call center services

What does a call center do, and what are important call center services

Are you still wondering what a call center actually does? We bet you won’t again if you could invest 5 minutes of your time into reading this interesting write-up. That’s right, we have a lot for you on call center services, what a call center does, and more in this very informative blog post. So, without further ado, let’s get straight to reading our first paragraph. 

What Does a Call Center Do – Functions and Types 

Here’s everything you need to know to improve your understanding of a call center.

It is A Company’s Function

If you have people who listen up to customers’ queries or claims on the phone, you have a call center in your organization. Yes, you may have 2 people for such a purpose, but you can still call it the inbound call center department. Similarly, if you have employed people to reach out to leads on the phone for product information or sales, you also have the outbound call center department. So, you can now believe that the BPO call center is something related to your organization. Don’t stop, as it is going to be more interesting as you move forward. 

You Can Outsource It 

A company may want to avoid keeping employees for such tasks or might decide against maintaining such departments. Simply because they may get too costly or the organization could not find suitable candidates for occupying the seats. Therefore, they go for outsourcing to acquire call center services. One call center may accept both the inbound and outbound responsibilities, while one may focus on either of the inbound or outbound calls. Speaking of which, let’s get comfortable with the different types of call centers first. 

Inbound call centers

Such call centers are available to contract for taking care of the organization’s incoming calls. Who is calling here? Customers, of course, when they have a query or need technical assistance after the purchase. Professional and on-time response to such calls is absolutely necessary for the brand’s reputation. Therefore, a company goes about outsourcing it to the inbound call center, where a professional agent deals with them efficiently and professionally.

The main responsibilities of an inbound call center are: 

Hearing inbound calls: Fielding customer calls who need support, return, or more. The agents here have to deal with the customers; hence effective communication plays an important role. 

Order processing: An inbound contact center services provider must also fill in the registration and order forms. 

Dealing with customer complaints: An agent in the inbound call center also has to hear out customer complaints. 

Outbound call centers 

If a company wants to outsource its marketing calls, lead generation, or more, it will opt for the outbound call centers. The main responsibilities of such are to find new customers for the contracting organization. They do so by making calls to the list of prospects who might buy the product or service. The main responsibilities of an outbound call center are: 

  • Making marketing calls: Calling prospects and convincing them to buy a product or service. Typically, an agent will make hundreds of calls per day for product or service marketing. 
  • Conducting market research: Important for gathering information on the potential market. 

Contact Centers 

The contact center is no different from a call center as it has to deal with either inbound, outbound, or both. But a contact center solutions provider doesn’t rely on the telephone only. Yes, it has the expertise to interact with customers or potential customers on different channels, such as social media and more. 

There are a few other types of call centers as well. Such as virtual call centers, automated call centers, and more. 

Key Functions a Call Center Performs

Enhancing opportunities for sales 

An outbound call center is responsible for boosting sales of a company’s products or services. An agent from such a call center will contact the prospect over the phone. Try to convince him to buy the product or service. Something the best call centers love! 

Personalized customer service 

An organization needs someone in the customer support department to handle incoming calls professionally. Because it hugely affects the organization’s reputation. Hence, a call center agent must be a good listener with excellent interpersonal skills to take on this responsibility. Customers must provide feedback about the call with the agent, which is then used as a metric to evaluate their performance. 

Effective utilization of resources

Call centers usually have to take care of the routine tasks of an organization, allowing businesses to concentrate on their core. Thus, they must utilize all these resources effectively. Must take into account the effort and time spent on performing each of these tasks effectively. Plus, a call center must also ensure that it onboard suitable agents to take on the job. Also, must ensure their proper training. 


A call center takes care of the organization’s incoming and outgoing calls. Incoming calls are from customers for queries and support. In contrast, outgoing calls are to turn leads into customers. An organization may want to keep an in-house call center department or may delegate this responsibility to inbound, outbound, or blended BPOs. This blog post focuses on what does a call center do. 

We hope you have found this write-up informational and useful. If we have missed including something on call centers here, please feel free to comment or write us at our official email address.

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