What is Omnichannel Call Center – How is it improving the Customer’s experience?

What is Omnichannel Call Center – How is it improving the Customer’s experience?

Are you wondering what an Omni Channel Call Center is all about? Is it different from the traditional one? Why is it termed ‘Omni’ anyways? A mini-channel call center is easier to read, so why don’t people call it that? Relax, as this exciting blog post covers all the answers you are trying to find. So, ensure you keep reading this in the middle, or you will still have doubts about the Omnichannel Call Center. That being said, let’s jump straight to expanding our understanding of the Omnichannel Call Center.

What is Omni Channel Call Center – Why it is important 

What comes to mind when you hear the term call center? A bunch of people in the office environment engaged in taking phone calls. That’s right; it is what we call the call center. Since we are here to only discuss Omnichannel call centers, we will not get deep into understanding the inbound and outbound call center. Shortly, an inbound call center takes care of incoming customer calls, whereas the outbound call center focuses on outreaching potential customers. Enough of the two types; let’s now get deep into discussing the omnichannel call centers or omnichannel customer service.

The Word ‘Omni’

Combining a call center with Omni might not make sense, but it means more than one. Now, what more than one has to do with the call center, anyways? It could be referring to more than one type of call center or something like that, absolutely not! It means a call center using different channels for inbound and outbound responsibilities. Do you mean switching between a mobile phone and a landline? Absolutely not! We mean using different platforms to carry out the inbound and outbound responsibilities. Don’t we call them ‘contact centers?’ Yes, contact centers are a bit different. You should also know that there is a difference between contact center and call center. Let’s first discuss the differences between contact and omnichannel call centers.

Omni channels vs. contact centers

Contact centers are the modern form of call centers. It means they use contemporary ways to deal with inbound and outbound responsibilities besides relying on the telephone, like interacting with customers and potential customers on their favorite platforms. That’s what an Omnichannel call center does as well. So how are they both different? In simple words, an omnichannel is a contact center, but a contact center may not be an omnichannel.

Like the contact center, the Omni channel uses different platforms to hear out the customers or interact with the prospects. Facebook and Instagram are the most popularly used for this purpose these days. So far, both the contact center and omnichannel call center look the same. Tell me something, if you call a customer support representative of a company and inquire him about the recent offer they have posted on Instagram? The agent might tell you that you should text on Instagram, where another agent can answer your queries immediately. Now when you write them a message on Instagram, you’ll have to tell them the whole story again. Like why you are contacting the company and what information you need to know. As this new agent has yet to learn, you might not like writing and explaining everything again. This is how a contact center works. On the other hand, if that company is using the services of an Omnichannel BPO, the agent on Instagram will already know why you are contacting them. You are guessing it right now, an omnichannel contact center integrates all the communication channels, which makes it better than the contact center.

Do Omni channel call centers have special staff?

Of course, they have people with experience in using various communication platforms. Like social media experts, phone calls experts, and more. Since integrating different communication channels is a challenge, Omni channel call centers also have people working to bridge the gap between agents from different departments. If one agent directs a customer to inquire on Instagram, another employee will immediately transfer this information to the agent handling the company’s Instagram. So, the Customer can continue with the new agent from where he has left with the one on the phone. Easier said than done; there are a lot of complexities involved in running the omnichannel contact center. These justify why they are charging more than call or contact centers.

Should a company go for an Omni channel call center or a call center?

There are a few things to consider when a business owner is looking to choose between a contact center or an Omni channel call center.

The size of the business 

Is this business in the initial stage of incorporation, or is it a well-established giant having thousands of customers? A traditional call center will do the job for the first, and the second definitely needs omnichannel support for customer satisfaction.

Nature of product 

Suppose a company is selling products that could be technical for the layperson’s understanding. Then it should expect customer calls all day long. Customers will likely like to engage with a representative on their favorite social media platforms as well.

Company’s budget 

Of course, the Omni channel call center will cost more than the traditional call center because of its different options. Hence if a company is on a tight budget, it will only be feasible to hire an omnichannel call center.

The benefits of Omnichannel call center

A greater level of customer satisfaction 

A recent study concludes that businesses relying on Omnichannel call centers for customer support have a higher customer retention rate. No surprises; customers here can consult a professional for support on any platform they like. For example, if you have bought a consumer good via an online purchase on Instagram. Now you have a problem using it, or it may be defective. You could consult their customer support right away. Yes, that company has a phone number you can call, but you prefer to reach them on Instagram. In case they have no one available to take a customer query on Instagram, you have every right to get frustrated. Remembering this experience, you will definitely avoid buying from them again. Extrapolating this concept on the overall scenario, you certainly don’t want your Customer to lose interest in your product or services.

Quick Resolution Times 

A customer will surely need a quick response to his queries along with his issue resolved. The Omni channel call center will have expert staff available to take on the Customer queries immediately, that too on his favorite platform. Let’s suppose a customer is unhappy with an item after purchase or wants to replace it with a different version. Instead of a phone call, he may contact for support on his favorite social media platform he uses the most. Now, if that company has no one available for support, the Customer will definitely get frustrated and hence may lose interest in rebuying company goods. Quick response and quick resolution of a customer issue will undoubtedly improve Customer satisfaction.

A more informal and personalized support 

Omnichannel call centers or omnichannel cloud contact centers ensure a customer receives personalized support. A customer reaching out on his favorite platform also allows the agent to know him better. He can then use it to tailor the response according to the Customer’s likes and dislikes. Customized response to a customer means achieving customer satisfaction, which leads to Customer retention and boosts the brand’s credibility. Omnichannel contact centers are now offering customers more control over the experience of interacting with your brand. Customers can now choose how and when to engage with your brand, giving them more control over what has traditionally been a frustrating process. This is a big step toward improving customer engagement and loyalty, ultimately leading to higher profits for your business.

Best Practices for an Omni Channel Contact Center 

The world of customer engagement has become more complex than ever before. Customers expect to be able to contact your brand in any way they want and through multiple channels. This is why Omnichannel contact centers (Omnichannel) need to adopt the right strategies and tactics for delivering a great customer experience. A consistent customer experience across touchpoints is essential for brand loyalty and hence business growth. Consumers want to know that they can expect the same quality of service from a company regardless of where they purchase their product or service. This means that if you’re a restaurant, you must deliver good food and excellent service regardless of whether you are ordering through your website or an Instagram story.

Here’s what you can do to improve your omnichannel call center or omnichannel cloud contact centers services:

Ensure that you empower your agents or customer service agents. Empowering your agents with the right tools and information gives them the freedom to delight customers. The first step in empowering your agents or customer service agents is to give them the right tools and information. Also, ensure that they take good care of customer data.

  • Invest in a tool that will allow you to have a good look at different channels 

An Omnichannel call center must have a tool to view customer interactions. Like when they arrived on the site and when they left. Doing this, you will also get an idea about what is working well and what needs to be improved. Remember, it is also a way to get insights about which platform is receiving more Customer engagement.

  • Ascertain which channel is working

Collect information about how many people interacted with each channel during a specific period. Include whether it was an email follow-up or phone call—or both! This helps us understand which channels successfully converted into sales opportunities (and, therefore, should be prioritized).

Effective Omnichannel strategies 

An effective omnichannel strategy delivers an excellent customer experience while driving results for your business. After all, how you communicate with customers and potential customers can vary drastically from channel to channel. So how do you keep all these channels consistent? The answer lies in having an omnichannel strategy.

  • Deliver a great customer experience.
  • Drive results for your business.
  • Have a strategy that is consistent, flexible and controlled.
  • The key principles of an omnichannel strategy are consistency, flexibility and control.
  • Take good care of the customer data
  • Make sure the agent is well-mannered during customer interactions

An omnichannel must look for

Consistency: One of the most important principles of an omnichannel strategy is consistency. When you are consistent with your customers, they will be able to have a great experience across all channels and devices. This includes being able to reach them wherever they are using any device or service that fits their needs at that moment in time, not just on one channel or device only like email, social media or phone calls.

Flexibility: Another key element of an omnichannel strategy is flexibility – allowing your team members to work on multiple projects without having to worry about the overlap between teams within contact centers (email marketing vs. phone sales). This will allow them more time to work together rather than splitting up tasks into smaller chunks which could lead to mistakes made during production because there might not be enough resources available at one point along.

Essentials of a good Omnichannel Customer Support 

Look to Serve Customers the Best Across All Channels 

It means you should be able to offer your customers a seamless experience regardless of how they interact with you. For example, if someone calls in and asks for help with an issue, they should get excellent customer service regardless if they’re speaking with someone on the phone or sending an email. The customer experience should be consistent across all channels because it builds trust between them and your company.

A consistent Response is the Best

Consistency is key to providing a good omnichannel customer experience. When you use different channels to communicate with customers, it’s important to keep the experience consistent.

Use the same terminology and language across all channels. For example, if you’re using email marketing campaigns on your website and social media accounts, make sure that all of those messages have the same tone of voice and design elements (i.e., use white space).

Making use of personalization for a unique customer journey 

Personalization is a key component of omnichannel customer experiences. By using data to create customized experiences for each individual Customer, you can increase loyalty and engagement.

You can achieve personalization or make customer journey better through a variety of channels, such as:

  • Interactions with customers through emails or phone calls
  • Making good use of social media platforms (Instagram and Facebook)
  • Allowing customers to move smoothly between different channels
  • Making it easy for customers to move between different channels.
  • Making sure your customers find all the information they need.

Ensure your employees are well-trained on how to use various channels effectively

You’re well aware of the importance of a strong customer experience. For that, your employees must be well-trained in how to use all channels effectively. Training is a crucial part of ensuring your team has the tools they need when it comes to interacting with customers. Not only does it ensure that every employee has access to relevant knowledge and tools, but it also allows them to perform more efficiently in their role by making them more familiar with the platform they’re using. For example: if an agent knows what questions will be asked before connecting with a customer, he will spend less time responding to them.

These three points must be taken into account in regard to training the omnichannel staff:

  • It must have a strategy defined, and this training should align with it.
  • Think about what your customers are expecting from your brand or product.
  • Ensure to use the technology available, like chatbots and virtual assistants, as part of your customer service actions

Take Away 

An Omni channel call center can be termed a modern inbound or outbound call center. It is different from the traditional one because it provides customer support across different platforms, not just the telephone. Omni channel call centers are different than contact centers because, unlike contact centers, they integrate different communication channels. The Customer doesn’t have to repeat a query when shifting from a phone call to a direct message on his favorite platforms.

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