In today’s world of highly competitive and consumer-centric market, it is a top priority for a leading entity to acquire and hold their customers through speedy and satisfactory response. We do realize the important matrices such as the first call resolutions, customer satisfaction, and cost etc. for an overall successful business.

There are almost always some hiccups running a call center organization. Fortunately, you can now outsource your inbound call center services to a top-notch service provider like All Star BPO having a wide range of services to partner with companies of all sizes so to optimize the effectiveness of their inbound services and leading to high ROI for any sort of business. All Star BPO provide an un-comparable customer service to clients either internationally or locally.

All Star BPO is designed in such a way so as to adapt to the dynamics of any business and serve the high customer traffic with no hiccups experience. We have user friendly and understanding of customer requirements to fulfill it to the desirable level. 

Why Us?


    We have years of experience in inbound call center servicing, serving multiple industries, including banking, retail, dining, real estate, travel, and more. We handle inquiries in the areas of:

    • Billing
    • Subscription renewal/canceling
    • Event scheduling
    • Appointment setup
    • Product information
    • Up-selling and cross-selling
    • Order refunds and returns processing
    • Warranty registration
    • Real-time inventory status check
    • Registration and reservations for events
    • And much more!

    With All Star BPO, your esteemed clients get the quick help they need from polite experts with important mastery. The entirety of our staff go through broad preparing to guarantee they have the information and semantic capacity to deal with a scope of requests and purchaser feelings. They are prepared to keep an expert mentality in any event, when managing quarrelsome clients.

    We are about straightforwardness, and we cause certain our customers to see how our activity capacities and how we work consistently to carry increased the value of your business.

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    All Star BPO Inbound Call Center Services principally centers around augmenting business and benefits for our clients. Our Inbound Contact Center Services depend on better item and industry information earned over the course of the long stretches of involvement that we have in the seaward call place administrations industry. Our involvement with inbound call taking care of empowers us to meet the prerequisites of our call place clients.

    All-Star BPO Inbound Call Center Services

    • 500 Answering Services
    • Reservation Booking Services
    • Claims Processing Services
    • Product information services
    • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Services
    • Inquiry Handling Services
    • Product Recall Management Services
    • Omnichannel Contact Center Services
    • Sales Closure Services
    • Order Entry Services
    • Event Scheduling Services
    • Payment Collection Services
    • Real-Time Inventory Status Services
    • Insurance Claims Processing Services
    • Warranty Registration Services
    • Registration of event and trade show participants and prospects services
    • Job Dispatch Services
    • Ticketing Sales Subscription Services
    • Charge Back Handling Services
    • Directory Enquiry Services
    • Scheduling Sales Demos Services
    • Subscription Services
    • After-hours Call Center Services
    • Rebate Processing Services
    • Medical Answering Services
    • Virtual Receptionist Services
    • Billing Queries Services
    • Order Taking Services
    • Up-selling and Cross-selling Services
    • Phone Answering Services


    The benefit you get out of an outsourcing contact center services is not just the money; as of overhead expenditure, but also the time. This is the case with All Star BPO who services their customers throughout the globe while operating from Pakistan and US.

    Outsourcing your inbound call center services is economical and cheap to All Star BPO than any other firm operating in the same domain. All Star BPO provide more cost-effective strategy than hiring your in-house team, saving your training cost, salaries, additional bonuses, etc.

    Hence, with outsourcing your contact center services, you come up with many solutions to multiple problems. That’s why you have to choose outsourcing for your business solution.

    Beyond costs, other benefits of partnering with our inbound call center experts include:

  • Improved productivity

    Your staff can’t perform at their peak when they have to double as customer service agents. Outsourcing is especially beneficial for smaller businesses, as they can leave call management to skilled agents.

  • 24/7 availability

    We operate around the clock. Your customers can call us regardless of their time zone. They can call during the late evening times in their nation of origin, and we will have somebody prepared to help them.

  • Customer satisfaction

    Displeased clients are definitely bound to get out the word of their disappointment than glad clients are to get out the word of their incredible experience. With our quick reaction times and polite trade, we downplay client disappointment.

  • Reduced wait times

    Keep in mind, you can increase or down whenever dependent on the size of your client base. You will consistently have the right number of administrators to deal with inbound calls and guarantee negligible client stand-by times.

  • Why Outsource Inbound Call Center Services to All star BPO

    Expert Call Center Professionals:

    We have qualified and competent call center professionals having exceptional expertise in the relevant domain of inbound call handling, ensuring not only answering service calls and customer satisfaction but also on time delivery of services.

    Competent training programs:

    All Star BPO provide competent and efficient training programs to provide our call center agents with a cutting-edge of competency, not only in the linguistic domain to handle the calls but also to process the knowledge. Such trainings embed the elements of professionality and ensure high productivity.


    We have complete transparency in operations ensuring that our company policies, vision, mission, goals and infrastructure are clear of any risk and hidden information. We build your trust through this transparent policy and disclose any factual information that we consider necessary to be known.

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    Extensive experience:

    Our roots are extended to a vast network ensuring our presence in high reach market, supporting more than 300 global partners in processing, designing and implementation of call center networks so to get their values and trust in exchange for our services.

    100% voice recording:

    We have a system ensuring 100% voice recoding so to enable All Star BPO to view the voice record of clients and agents and find any conspicuous and exceptions by analyzing the data tagged with the call. Such system of implementation helps us to avoid imperviousness in any situation.

    Inbound Call Center Services in Pakistan

    We have a highly talented competent team of contact center agents in Pakistan to successfully handle calls from any culture, language and regions requiring efficient handling. We ensure our agents are well trained in every domain to implement professionality at all levels. Our inbound call center services include providing highly efficient assistance involving virtual receptionist services, IVR services and 500 calls answering services. Corporate organizations can now depend on All Star BPO business solution in Pakistan providing inbound call center services in Pakistan and internationally without any bounces. We strive for unraveled customer experience that you always look for.


    All Star BPO help streamline your day-to-day operations and meet the increasingly high customer demands. Customer satisfaction is crucial part of any business operating in any domain. Hence, we ensure customer satisfaction at all our levels through our team of highly professional and talented graduates handling your services on daily basis. Not only this, but we ensure a cost-effective strategy to help you stabilize with the jerky fluctuations in cost So you don’t have to worry at all.


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