What is a BPO Call Center, and Why Is It Important

What is a BPO Call Center, and Why Is It Important

Are you having a hard time finding good information about the BPO call center? Don’t worry! We have a lot on the subject for you here. Precisely, it is a third-party company accepting the responsibility of a business call center function. Businesses outsource for a number of reasons. Plus, there’s more on the BPO, which we believe you don’t know yet. You’ll also get an idea of which of the inside vs outside sales you should go with. So, ensure you read this very interesting yet informational write-up till the end to make the most out of it.

What is a BPO Call Center – The Nuts and Bolts 

No surprise, BPO call center is a slightly confusing concept. But you don’t have to worry because we have got you covered here.

Separating Business Process Outsourcing From the Call Center 

Yes, BPO (business process outsourcing) is a wider term than a call center. A BPO company can look to accept the responsibility of any business process. It might be accounting, human resources, or anything. On the contrary, a call center only deals with incoming and outgoing calls. Now when we say BPO call center, we mean customer support services, telemarketing, and more.

Opening Up on The Business Process Outsourcing Call Center with A Real-world Example 

A business normally opts for outsourcing because it lacks the resources or skillset to carry out that task. Let’s say a goods transporting company has no customer support department in the early stages of its incorporation. The owner can hire experts to maintain a fully-functional customer care department or delegate this responsibility to an outside expert firm. If he goes with hiring a firm to carry out these tasks, you can say that he has outsourced it to the call center services provider.

Why a Business Outsources to Contact centers 

Here are the most common reasons a business will want to outsource its call center responsibilities to a Business process outsourcing services provider:

Lacks The Resources

Customer support or telemarketing is a support activity. Therefore, a business would not want to spend capital on keeping a call center department. Particularly, when it is just setting up its feet in the industry. Hence outsourcing is its best bet.

The Task is of Occasional Nature 

Outsourcing will be a rational decision if a task is of such a nature that it occasionally occurs. Let’s say a new organization only makes a few marketing calls at the end of each month. Why would it hire a full-time employee to carry out this task? Instead, it can delegate it to the call center and pay only for the time invested.

Lacks the Skill Set Required 

At any stage of its incorporation, a company may need more skilled individuals to carry out a task. Plus, hiring one may be too costly for it. That’s when he can rely on the contact center and let the experts carry out this task professionally and on the low.

Don’t Have a Physical Location

An organization may not need to maintain a full-fledged office. Either because of the nature of the work or because the owner prefers a remote-based working model. In such a case, hiring a call center for any inbound or outbound call responsibilities will be the best option.

Looking to Cut The Cost

Of course, the owner would want to operate on low costs, and outsourcing is the ideal choice for it, even better when a company delegates different functions to the off-shore call center. Such contact center solutions providers have low running costs because of the cheap labor.

There are more reasons for hiring a contact center. But these 5 most commonly induce a business owner to opt for one. 

Types of Business Process Outsourcing Call centers 

Not one or two, but there are six types of business process outsourcing contact centers, namely:

  • Inbound Call Center
  • Outbound call center
  • Contact Center services provider 
  • Omnichannel Contact Centers
  • Blended Call Centers
  • Automated Call Centers

Read the different types of call centers in detail to get a good idea of how they function. 

Common BPO Call Center Outsourcing Services

Following are some of the services the best call centers commonly provide to the business around the globe:

Inside and Outside Sales 

A call center has trained staff to take care of the organization’s inside and outside sales. Inside Sales means remote selling of products or services. Outside sales is a traditional way of selling stuff through meetings or visitations. Read the inside vs outside sales comparison to get comfortable with both.

Customer Support 

As a business grows, it will have more customers. And, not all customers are fully satisfied with the item they have bought from you. Especially when your product is a bit technical to use; hence, they’ll call either to ask queries, request returns, or more. Therefore, a business must maintain a customer support department. Usually, it doesn’t and thus outsources this function to a Contact Center.


You will want your product to get noticed as a business owner, won’t you? The first step to getting there is to let people know about it. Telemarketing is one of the best ways to do it. And to carry out these responsibilities, a business may trust the expert telemarketing agents of a call center.

Take Away

A layperson may find it difficult to understand what the BPO call center means. Some may even confuse the two terms, BPO and call center. Others might need to be sure how it brings advantages to the business. That’s where we felt to give you a fair idea of the Business process outsourcing call center and it’s working. Plus we have also discussed its types. Not to forget our efforts on jotting down the common outsourcing responsibilities for a business process outsourcing call center. Overall, this a perfect write-up to inform and clear your misconception about BPO Contact Centers.

So how was it? If you feel we have missed including something, please comment or write to us on our official email address.

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