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Healthcare call center services can be a beast to manage. Are you tired of dealing with robocalls? No wonder you're looking for a call center solutions that will meet your needs and help you grow your business.

That's why we're here: to ensure that our services are designed with you in mind. So that you can focus on what really matters: “taking care of your patients."

Now you can handle your healthcare-related calls and statements in one convenient place. Think of us as a concierge medical call center service. The VIP call center for healthcare.

When you need fast medical help but don't want to wait on hold, turn to the most responsive team in the healthcare industry. Connect with us at Contact Us Now and experience outstanding customer service.

Our support specialists are trained to handle high-pressure environments. You don't settle for less than the best in healthcare. That's why we provide top-in-class customer service with professional and dedicated support specialists who have undergone thorough background checks.

healthcare Call Center
Medical Call Center: A Dedicated Team of Professionals to Take Care of You

Concierge customer service means your patients are never on hold. We set customer expectations, not just follow them. Using a multichannel approach, we can create more customer value by providing faster service and better information.

Healthcare Appointment
Healthcare Appointment
Healthcare Appointment

You will receive appointment scheduling services for all medical treatments so that patients don't have to worry about finding time for their appointments

Medical Billing
Medical Billing
Medical Billing

Our expert billing team will take care of everything from initial claims through payment processing so you can focus on what matters most—your patients!

Patient Referrals
Patient Referrals
Patient Referrals

We can refer your customers to several different medical professionals depending on their specific needs.

Medical Research
Medical Research
Medical Research

Our research team will work with you to develop surveys or other insightful research about your customer’s experience with your company or product line.

Direct-to-Patient Contact
Direct-to-Patient Contact
Direct-to-Patient Contact

This service allows patients to contact the doctors or nurses at your company directly. You will never miss a call when we are there for your patients.

Healthcare Marketing
Healthcare Marketing
Healthcare Marketing

We specialize in marketing campaigns designed specifically for healthcare providers to generate qualified leads.

How Our Luxurious BPO Services Can Work?

You'll get more sales and growth with a call center with experience, processes, personalized service and attention to every detail.

Always Available

Always Available

Save time and ramp up efficiency. No downtime, no breaks. Our sales managers will be available for you around the clock.
Multilingual Capabilities

Multilingual Capabilities

Why limit your customer base when you could be treating international clients with the same respect as local ones?
Data Security

Data Security

If you really want to make sure your data is secure, our tech-savvy guys are super-paranoid about protecting it.
Customized Scripting

Customized Scripting

We custom tailor your scripts to make every call count and never use marketing boilerplate.
Affordable Exceptional Value

Affordable Exceptional Value

Our competitive prices and personal relationships with our clients allow us to deliver a level of service that far exceeds expectations.
Tech-Based Service

Tech-Based Service

All Star BPO combines the best of technology and people expertise to provide personalized service to every customer.

Our clients have spoken the truth!

“I have been in the healthcare industry for more than ten years, and I can say that All Star BPO is one of the best call centers out there. When I first heard about them, I was skeptical because of the price. But once we started working together, I realized their service is worth every cent. They are always responsive to my requests for changes and new additions to our project. They're also effortless to talk to—they actually take the time to understand what you want before they even propose! And they're always on time with their deliveries, which is important when working with clients like ours.”

Jennifer Nicholls

From the moment I called All Star BPO's medical Call Center, I knew I was in good hands. The call center representatives were so friendly and helpful, making me feel comfortable immediately. They got me connected with a doctor who was able to answer all my questions and address all my concerns. They even gave me some great tips on how to lower my blood pressure! It was such a great experience that I decided to have them handle my next appointment. I highly recommend All Star BPO's Healthcare Call Center to anyone looking for a call center for healthcare service!

Phyllis Fleming

"When I started looking for a call center healthcare to handle my medical inquiries, I knew it would be a tough search. I wanted something that would offer the best in customer service and satisfaction, as well as high-quality call center healthcare agents. That's what All Star BPO gave me. All Star BPO's medical call center services are outstanding—they're fast, friendly, and thorough. The agents who answer my calls are always helpful and knowledgeable about whatever I'm calling, and they never make me feel rushed or like I'm imposing on their time. Every time I call in with a question or issue, they get me exactly what I need in no time flat. I would highly recommend to anyone who needs help with their medical billing or insurance claims."

Quinn Goodwin

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FAQs: Healthcare Call Center that Offers You Everything You Need

Healthcare is not just about curing diseases but also about providing a patient with an overall holistic treatment that will help them recover from their ailment and make sure they are back to normalcy.

We know that managing healthcare services while running a business can be challenging. So, we offer you a wide range of medical call center services that will allow you to focus on your core business instead of worrying about your patients' healthcare needs.

You've never seen anything like this. And we're not just talking about the technology we use and the number of people we hire we're talking about the level of service. We set a new bar for call center healthcare performance when we put computers and our specialists to work together, and you won't find that anywhere else.

How do you ensure that your healthcare call center services are secure?

Are there any hidden fees or charges?

How much time will it take to complete the service?

Do you have a guarantee of service? If so, what is it, and how long does it last?

What is the quality of your work like?

What is the process for adding new callers?

How long does it take for someone to become ready for calls?

All Star BPO’s Hospitality, Medical Call Center Services, and Solutions

It's time to get your call center for healthcare on track.

We are an award-winning call center providing customer service and sales support for the healthcare industry. We're equipped with the tools and experience to handle your calls and provide a level of service that will make your customers feel like their needs are being met by a long-time friend.

Our healthcare call center services include:

  • 24/7 customer care for doctors and patients.
  • Sales support for medical equipment providers.
  • Customer retention programs for hospitals and clinics and much more.

Patient Intake

The first of these services is patient intake. This helps us keep track of details about each patient and ensure they're getting the care they need. Our Patient Intake service is designed to help you get in touch with your patients and keep them engaged. We'll take over the burden of scheduling appointments, reminding them about upcoming appointments, and keeping track of their medical history. This means you spend less time on administrative tasks and more time focusing on patient care.


Scheduling is another essential part of running a healthcare business. it's one we take very seriously at All Star BPO Call Center for healthcare. We'll schedule appointments for patients and make sure that staff members are available for any last-minute changes or cancellations. Our scheduling team will also help you plan for future appointments. It is by giving you an idea of the available time slots. So that no customer goes without being appropriately served.

Healthcare Customer Service

If you have customers who need help with their healthcare issues, we offer customer service solutions. It is where they can speak with our experts over the phone or online chat. Our healthcare call center services are perfect for answering questions. Whether they are about your insurance benefits, patient registration, appointment scheduling, and so much more. Our award-winning customer service team is trained to provide you with the information you need and ensure your seamless experience. We have a reputation for providing compassionate care to our clients and their patients.

How Do We Work?

At All Star BPO Call Center Services, we know that healthcare call center services are unique and need to be customized to fit your individual needs. Our team of experts will work with you to determine what kind of service best suits your business goals and budget.

We'll discuss everything from training protocols for new hires to how often they should be updated and trained on best practices for patient satisfaction.

Then we'll set up a system where our team can monitor call quality and listen in on calls live. So that we can quickly address any issues before they become problems.

And if any changes or updates are needed in the future, we'll work with you to implement those changes seamlessly. So that nothing disrupts the flow of operations at your office!

All Star BPO Call Center for healthcare is committed to delivering exceptional service at every step. Our primary services of call center healthcare include:

Billing and Collections

Next, we offer billing and collections services. We'll do everything from sending invoices to collecting payments so you can focus on other aspects of running your practice. We have a team of highly trained and skilled professionals who work round the clock to get your bills paid on time. Our dedicated billing team will help you with your collection efforts. They will go out of their way to ensure you get paid on time.

Medical Records Management

As part of medical records management, we will organize patient records and make sure they're kept safe and secure at all times. This way the doctors have access when needed (such as in an emergency). We provide complete management of medical records, from receiving and storing them to archiving them and making them available to patients as they need them. Our services include providing secure electronic access to medical records. So patients can view their information whenever required.