With All Star BPO Best Call Center in Pakistan. We listen to our clients, customers, and each other.
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We strive to produce and deliver the best quality.
We are productive and self-motivated, completing our work as efficiently as possible. We are dedicated to honoring commitments to the best of our ability, by whatever means necessary.
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Company Overview

ALL STAR BPO Best Call Center in Pakistan  registered by PSEB (Pakistan Software Exchange Board) in Islamabad, Pakistan. It was established on 2014. Our head office along with two branches in located Rawalpindi and soon we will be starting operations in Islamabad also. Our company  registered in USA as well. We have over 400 colleagues working on different verticals that include Auto Insurance, home Insurance, inbound assistance, home security, home Improvement and IT solutions. We have proven experience of running home mortgage and new purchase live transfer.

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Welcome To All Star BPO

About Our Company

All-Star BPO, developed with the aim of helping businesses to upraise the performance, efficiency maximization, and attaining the strategic objectives at a minimal cost bearing.

Owned and operated by America and Pakistan-regarded as the top-notch call center service providers and BPO providers, geographically falling within the region of Pakistan and America ensuring competitiveness within the global economy through Business Process Outsourcing as provided by the All-Star BPO.    

founded in 2014 with the mission of “To provide our clients flexible outsourced contact center solutions that delivers, best processes, maximum value and business growth”, leading the market as one of the market leaders of the BPO industry always focused on quality services.

Guided by our mission and our values, our vision is to deliver enterprise level Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions to global clients in a manner that’s effortless, accurate and friendly.


Adaptability is one of our crucial customer service skills meaning thereby to take on new learning, challenges and be flexible enough to adjust to your demands. We have the top-notch agents who are always ready to be molded into what you demand and deal your issues with seriousness in any case.


We have a team of agents, smart enough to handle your queries efficiently with a fast pace keeping in view the quality of work. This is most demanding customer service skill required in today’s world of rigorous competition.


Being friendly is our core customer service skill, the image that we ensure to be projected of our sales representatives and overall management. We ensure friendliness at all of our levels.  Friendliness is regarded to be our key factor for success.  


Our success lies in the fact that we are experienced and trained of being high-speed while dealing with your queries. Our speed is favorable enough to an extent that we prepare to handle an overload of tasks within no time.

Why Work With Us

We are Experience

We are Experienced.

Outstanding in communication skills, we, as a call center are experienced enough in our communication skills, ensuring its reflectance at all level.

We are affordable

We are affordable.

Affordability is the key element we ensure for our clients looking into B2C telemarketing services. We have the availability of larger data at a very reasonable price.

responsive and complete projects timely.

We are very responsive and complete projects timely.

We do not compromise on responsiveness at any level. We maintain a top-notch team, committed enough to provide you with best B2C Telemarketing Services in timely manner.

Professional Team.

The key to our quality and being efficient is the professionalism embedded into our team to provide you with best outsourced contact center solution delivered with value, best processes, and high business growth.

Our Locations: 1st Floor & 2nd Floor Qatar Plaza next to Traffic Office, Murree Road, Chandni Chowk 
B-149, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Floor, Rawal Plaza, Chandni Chowk
TF15, 3rd Floor, Meridian Software Technology Park, Rehmanabad, Rawalpindi


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