Data Cleansing

Data scrubbing, also refer to as data cleansing is the process of cleaning, removing or amending the data in the database which has flaws pertaining to incorrect data, incomplete or fake data etc.

Organizations in the industries which are data-intensive such as that of telecommunications use such data scrubbing tools to scrutinize the data for any drawback etc.  such data scrubbing tools help minimize the time taken for correcting the data manually and also is cost effective.

Data Cleansing Steps

Data scrubbing tools are not static and have dynamics because of variance in the data types. However, major data scrubbing steps can be stated as follows:

  • Auditing and Inspecting: This is the prime step in data scrubbing to audit and inspect any given data for found flaws and inconsistencies. The found inconsistencies are then inspected and the issues are moved to the next step for resolving it.
  • Data Cleaning: Data cleaning is the process of fixing a data set from all the flaws and discrepancies found in it including removal, amendment, and renewal of the data to fix the errors.
  • Data Cleanliness Verification: After the process of cleansing, the supervisory team must verify and ensure the cleanliness of a data to a set standards or SOPs.
  • Reporting: A report is formed of the data to mention and highlight the progresses in the data or trends etc.
  • Forecasting: The report is then used to determine flaws in the data and the future trends following modification of information so to prevent issues in data for the future.

Importance of Data Scrubbing

The importance of data scrubbing cannot be ignored. It offers wide range of data-quality enhancement which might not be possible without this tool. Moreover, the importance of data cleaning can be stated in terms of the benefits that we gain through it:

  • Removal of Inconsistencies: The inconsistencies in data are corrected using the data cleansing or data scrubbing technique. Such inconsistencies cause problems in wake of the business. Flaws in the data results in poor conclusion based on the data and can cost a lot. Such data scrubbing techniques can help us to identify the erroneous information timely and enhance the quality of your data.
  • Improvement in Decision Making: Biasness is the weakness of human. What data scrubbing do is, as it identifies the errors and inconsistencies in data, it removes the biasness in decision making because as the data become pure, the end conclusions based on that data is also effectively implemented. This betterment of data removes the biasness in decision making.
  • Enhance Efficiency: Data scrubbing removes the duplication of data, which means time saving and performance enhancement because of improved quality of the data. Ultimately, this results in enhancement of efficiency throughout your organization.

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  • Biasness
  • Errors
  • Duplications
  • Typos
  • And incorrections.

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